We are Sandbox Studio, an emerging co-creative architecture studio based in Sydney & Canberra.

So what's a co-creative architecture studio – another buzzword?  Not really, ‘cause we take you - the client - seriously...we respect your design aesthetic, your tastes, your desires! We invite you to co-design with us. Don't worry, we do all the hard work, but we sit with you over a coffee and get your imagination going. We engage you in conversations and exercises (our trade secret ; ) which help reveal to you and us what you really want. We know it's our job to come up with ideas and concepts and do all the architectural work, but we think it's also our job to discover what's in the back of your mind and empower your creativity. The result of such a collaborative process is something really special!

What kind of projects do we undertake?  We specialise in the design and documentation of new residences, renovations, alterations and additions, interior fit-outs, as well as multi-residential and commercial projects. We are also experienced and keen to engage in creating innovative furniture and interiors.

Sandbox Studio is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Meet your co-creative team!


Luke Carter

M.Arch | Director & Registered Architect | NSW Reg 9557

Luke’s inspiration comes from his travels; the architecture of Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, adaptive re-use of spaces in New York and London, natural beauty of Sydney Harbour, and small-footprint living in Scandinavia. Luke has worked on a diverse range of projects, including some interesting public buildings, such as a ‘sound shell’ in a park! Some words that have been used to describe his work are: 'raw', 'rhythmic', 'angular' and 'fluid'. He is especially interested in sustainability and utilising recycled materials, and creating beautiful, timeless buildings.

e: luke@sandboxstudio.com.au

Dain McClure-Thomas

B.Arch | Director & Registered Architect | NSW Reg 9008 | ACT Reg 2600

Having lived in North America, Europe and Australia, Dain has experienced the impact of culture on the built environment in varied contexts. This experience plays a pivotal role in his work. Dain’s work is often described as clean, simplified, and streamlined - a result of painstaking fine tuning. Dain doesn’t shy away from playing with many ideas and carries an ongoing loop of experimentation and refinement throughout the design process. He cares about the “integrity of place”, and engages the user of the built environment through texture,materiality and light. His attention to fine detail underpinned by strong technical know-how results in a space that is a joy to be in, and simply oozes quality.

e: dain@sandboxstudio.com.au

Mukesh Vanjani

B.Bus M.Com MAPP | Director & Practice Manager

Mukesh is a generalist with a background in business management, strategy, economics, design thinking, philosophy and recently completed a Masters in positive psychology. He is passionate about contemporary art (also dabbles in making some) and architecture. Mukesh takes care of the studio administration to help the team function optimally and do stunning work. He takes the lead on competitions that we partake in such as the Adelaide Creative
Community Hub and Sydney Affordable Housing design competition.

e: mukesh@sandboxstudio.com.au