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 A recent single-storey economical renovation, where the aim was to 'refresh' the tired weatherboard cottage. Streamlined approval via Complying Development. 
 About 40 Kilometres north west of Sydney is the lush, green site for one of our newest projects. This home is quite modest in size, but has been designed to open up to the landscape to create a feeling of space. The floor plan consists of two pavilions surrounding a central courtyard. With the use of simple yet robust materials, the dwelling takes on an industrial aesthetic externally, while the use of natural timber creates warmth internally.
 Simple geometric forms and a restricted material palette provide a minimal, pared back aesthetic for this pavilion-like addition in Sydney's inner west.
 An alteration and addition to an existing house located in South Australia. The design went through many changes throughout the process, a major change being a high, split butterfly ceiling opening up towards the sky, which floats above the space allowing lots of natural light into the house. The addition also opens up to the rear garden, creating a direct connection to the outdoors. With very motivated and involved clients the project has evolved to reflect their aesthetic preferences. The result: an elegant design which revolves around exposed materials and structure, staying true to their natural form.